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DiagnosisApril 4th, 2024
New To ABA?
FSCNClinical Team

So, you recently began ABA service…what now? It all can feel overwhelming—meeting new professionals who will be frequently entering your home, continuously answering questions about what your child can and can’t do, hearing new terminology and strategies that will be used on your child…and on, and on. Let’s take a breath…we’re here to help you navigate this chapter in your child’s life.

First, Why ABA?

ABA, which stands for Applied Behavior Analysis, has been proven as an effective treatment for behavioral concerns, while addressing skill deficits in the areas of communication, socialization, daily living skills, and more. The goal of ABA is to work on the skills and behaviors that are meaningful to your child.


Who Is On My Team?

Your ABA team will be made up of a Behavior Technician (BT), Program manager (PM), and Clinical Manager (CM). Each team member works alongside you to ensure your child is making progress. You can discuss any new concerns with your team. We love to keep communication cope with you!


What’s My Role In Services?

Collaboration with you is extremely important to increase the likelihood of your child meeting their goals. Your Program Manager might ask you to make some accommodations for sessions, which might include setting aside favorite toys, limiting distractions during sessions, participating in session, etc. Your participation will ensure that your child remembers what they learned in ABA and continues to learn new skills.

This is an exciting journey for you and your family, and FSCN is here to walk it with you. We will be posting additional information in the upcoming posts. In the meantime don’t hesitate to reach out to your team with questions!

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DiagnosisApril 4th, 2024

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